mijn kerfstok


Anaesthetics (Modern New Wave)

Andy & The Antichrist (garage stoner punk)

Anja van de Smid (muziek café)

Ashtray Leaves (alternative hardrock)

Bad Friday (classic rock)

Bald as Love (Jimmy Hendrix Tribute)

Bang Kreng (lounge funk)

Billy's Booze (rockabilly)

Black Car (Punk)

Black Rose (classic rock)

Blitz '67 (sixties covers)

BlueBottle (vintage blues)

Bones (classic rock)

Bottle of Blues (traditonal blues)

Bryan & Gijs (accoustic singersong)

Buzzerd's Brew (funk)

Campaign (classic rock)


Ciscus (americano blues)

Channel-5 (classic rock)

Chapter (accoustic rock)

Chill Unlimited (country rock)

Clemens van de Ven (bluespianist)

Co-Incidental (rockband)

Coolboxer (Stoner)

Copchase Brass XL (blazersbigband)

C-Strike (rock & roll)

Darville Duo (accoustic singersong)

Dear Mrs Miller (easy listening luisterliedjes)

De Veulpoepers Pleebek (folk)

De Woeste (classic rock)

Depths of Kronos (metal)

Dinissen Band (classic rock)

Dirtbag (classic rock)

Elephant (metal)

Etan Huijs en Band (accoustic singersong)

Fellow Musicians (70’ classics)

Fezzband (bigband - classic rock)

Fishnet Stockings (rock & roll)

Fogerty (CCR tribute)

Franky B (classic rock)

Fred Coppus (solo)

From USA (classis pop-rock swing-cover band)

Green River (classic rock)

GreySix (60 - 70 oldies)

Hans Tap Bluesband (bluesrock covers)

Heavenly Heroes (acoustic version pop, rock, electro, indie rock)

Human People (surf-rockabilly)

Jar of Dirt (rock-metal)

Kees Coverband (bigband - classic rock)

King Bee Bluesband (bluesrock covers)

Kyle Janssen & Band (easy-listening)

Lazy Sunday Live (accoustic blues-pop-rock)

Lillith (metal-punk)

Mash Revival (classics)

Made in Japan (deep purple tribute)

Magna Charta (rock) 

Marion Steeghs (luisterliedjes)

Mash (‘60-‘70 classics)

Mel (singer-song writer)

Mike's Mud (rock & roll blues)

Mini-Revue  ‘Vreej óngedwóngen’  (theater)

Mylk (poprock)

Muse.nl (tribute)

Muzikantine Weekend (diverse bands)

Nancy Acid (garage surf punk)

Nienke (solo)

Nienke & Band

Nirvana in Utero (tribute)

Noah’s Orc (alternative grunge)

No Grip (classic rock)

No Mann's Valley (psychedelic, dark & melancholic)

Old Gin (classic rock)

Outline (female-vocal-key’s)

Paul Chevrolet's Tenesse session (country rock)

Peter Peters Band (Old blues covers)

Philo (Thin Lizzy tribute)

Ponies Galore (classic rock)

Preiband (classic rock)

Puck & Jerome (accoustic singersong)

Radband (classic rock)

Radiobugs (southern rock)

Redneck Swamp Monsters (punk)

Right Next Door To Hell (Pop-Metall)

Rever-B (singersong groep)

Saull (easy listening)

Shrubs (loser garage pop)

Sir Bash (melody rock)

Sold (rock)

Stereo 45 (folkabilly classics)

St. Louis Slim (classic rock)

Stone Solid (classic rock)

Stunning Suzy (classic rockcoverband)

Stressed (rock)

Tachycardia (classic rock)

Take-9 (bigband - classic rock)

The Anaesthetics (new wave)

The Heat (‘60 classics)

The Hedge (classic rock)

The Mudroad Rangers (country rock)

The Slingerland Band (symphonic rock)

Three Amigos (outlaw countryrock)

Trade-Mark (rock 'n roll)

Tres Hombres (zz-top salute)

To Adelaide (Stoner-Punk)

Top2000 band (classic rock)

TwentySeven (pop-rock)

Urban Jungle (stones tribute)

Vorster Connection (classic rock)

Water Melancholic (metal)

White Spots (pop-rock)

YadaYada (Herman Brood Tribute)